We are so excited NNASA is finally entering the digital era and hopefully improving our process of member registration and annual renewal. No more filling in and faxing forms and proof of payment and then these going missing or not responded to!
We will be doing everything on line from now on-whether you have a computer, tablet or just a cell phone registration is now just a couple of clicks away!

Sadly we have had to keep up with inflation and for the first time in a number of years we have had to increase our membership dues for 2019. For 2019 membership (due at the end of February) we are now asking R300.

The good news is that you can sign up/renew anytime and you will be charged a pro rata amount for the months remaining. In March, automatically, you will be sent a reminder and the system will debit the full amount for the next year on the 1st March. You can choose from a variety of payment options including EFT, credit card and cash (I think). So no more need for endless reminders and standing in queues in banks or handing over cash at branch meetings.

Please note for all our existing members including those paying by debit order-you will need, in March when your renewal is due, to go to our website and complete the once off registration form, make payment and it should all be automatic from there.

More good news-the system will also ensure that it captures your email address and automatically signs you up for our free quarterly member’s newsletter. In future only paid up members will receive this. So hopefully our ability to effectively communicate with you will also improve. (In order to ensure compliance with new regulations for bulk emails we have to have your permission to send you our newsletter. (Please untick the newsletter subscription on the membership page if you do not want to receive any correspondence from NNASA.)

So don’t wait-get your colleagues to sign up today by following the basic steps below.

1. Go to https://nnasa.org.za
2. Click on the membership tab in the menu on the top right hand side
3. After reading about the membership and benefits, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the become a member block
4. You will now arrive at the membership details page, where you will fill in all required fields
5. Uncheck the “Subscribe to our newsletter” check box below all the required fields if you do not want to receive your “members only” newsletter.
6. Click the “proceed to payment” button
7. Select your preferred method of payment for the initial payment through PayFast
8. Please be aware that this payment is pro rata and the full amount will be charged for on the following 1st of march and will continue on an annual basis.
9. If you do not complete the form/payment you can always return another time –look for the little shopping trolley in the top right corner, click on it and proceed to check out-in other words-complete your renewal/registration.

We look forward to hearing from you and please feel free to contact us should you have any problems or concerns. Our email address is unchanged nnasa.org.za