As nurses it is crucial that we embrace data so that we can knowledgeably and confidently advocate for our babies. Below you will find a link to download a Fact sheet on South Africa’s progress toward the 2030 SDG targets.

The Healthy Newborn Network has compiled all the latest data from multiple sources into one user friendly tool called Newborn Numbers. An extract from their Newsletter gives details and links below. We encourage you to become familiar with South Africa’s numbers and then find out how your facility is doing using your own facility data base eg DHIS or the Vermont Oxford network amongst others.

From The Healthy Newborn Network-“The latest version of the Newborn Numbers is now available, along with updates to relevant numbers in our Issue and Country pages. The updates include a comprehensive database of the most recently published data relating to newborn survival and health – including under-5, neonatal and maternal mortality, stillbirths, causes of death, preterm birth rates, coverage of interventions, health financing and contextual data.

The updates also include an interactive data visualization tool allowing users to easily and quickly generate graphs for over 50 newborn related indicators. All data are already in the public domain but available across multiple websites and peer-reviewed publications. Newborn Numbers consolidates this information in order to support easy data access and use for advocacy and decision making. The database can be downloaded for offline use. Learn more. “

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