140 million births per year – 2.5 million neonatal deaths annually!

1 million deaths per year are from #PretermBirth – the leading cause of under-5 child death worldwide. ( 47% of all under-five #child deaths happen during the first 28 days of life.)

The most vulnerable babies are those in marginalized groups, rural areas, urban slum environments and humanitarian settings.
We could prevent 86% of newborn deaths due to prematurity if known solutions reached #EveryNewborn.

Midwife-led continuity of care reduces preterm birth by 24%. https://www.evidentlycochrane.net/midwife-led-continuity-of-care/ #MidwivesMatter

More innovative service-delivery approaches & cost-effective health-care technologies will save lives.

Engage communities around adherence of quality service and access to care, especially amongst the most vulnerable populations

Ensure high quality care for every baby everywhere.

Take action bit.ly/HNN-WPD2019 #BornTooSoon

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