From healthy Newborn Network:

Newborns’ care experiences have a lasting impact: they feel pain and discomfort, and can experience emotional distress, particularly when separated from their families. We invite you to share far and wide the landmark Respectful Maternity Charter recently launched .

This updated charter further clarifies and clearly articulates the rights of women and newborns in the context of maternity care provided within a healthcare facility. It specifically delineates how human rights are implicated in the context of pregnancy and childbirth and affirms the basic inalienable rights of women and newborns. Many of these rights are well established in international law and have been interpreted and applied to issues arising during pregnancy, childbirth and the care provided immediately after birth. These rights are articulated in separate human rights conventions and in order to affirm their application in the context of pregnancy and childbirth, it is important to compile them in one document that focuses on this period.

The Respectful Maternity Care Charter addresses the issue of disrespect and abuse toward women and newborns who are utilizing maternal and newborn care services and provides a platform for improvement by:

Click on the link below for a copy of the Charter

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