A seminar was hosted by the UCT Division of Nursing and NNASA on 13th September. The focus included some revision and reminders of aspects of the Respiratory System. Topics included embryology and physiology of the respiratory system, Surfactant, adaptation to extrauterine life, humidification, ventilation modes, PPHN and after lunch, skills workshops of neonatal resuscitation, passing an umbilical line and a presentation on prevention of Central Line Infections.

Fifty-five nurses from State and Private hospitals attended from around Cape Town and as far afield as Worcester and Paarl. Feedback indicated that this was a very beneficial seminar and suggestions for another one have been noted.

On 27 November a seminar will be held at Stellenbosch University with joint hosts being the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital (TCH), University of Stellenbosch (US) and NNASA. This seminar will focus on Head cooling and management of HIE. Over 300 delegates have registered and we are expecting a wonderful information-packed morning of learning, experiencing and networking!

For 2019, we are planning to present another UCT hosted seminar and hopefully, another joint TCH, US and NNASA seminar.

Hilary Barlow
November 2018

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